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Why Working Women Should Take Care Of Their Health

Why Working Women Should Take Care Of Their Health

Why Working Women Should Take Care Of Their Health

A woman has to perform multiple roles in our society, and each of these roles is vital for her existence. For a working woman, it is important to learn how to become mentally strong and manage all the life challenges. As a result, she has less and less time to devote to herself. This can affect her health and have implications on her family and work-life too.

As per research, 68% of the working women are said to suffer from lifestyle diseases, which is a huge number. With the advent of technology, working women can take advantage of prescription delivery services to get the medicine delivered to their homes.

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Here are a few important lifestyle diseases that women should know about:


A survey of Urban Indian working women between the ages of 25 and 45 revealed obesity in 80% of the sedentary lifestyle and bad food habits. Apart from the body, obesity can also affect the mind, causing symptoms such as insomnia, self-pity, and depression. Women tend to spend about 10 to 12 hours sitting at their desks in a controlled environment in the IT sector. 

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Depression& Anxiety

Depression is likely to be the second major cause of disability in the world by 2022. In fact, 75% of working women suffer either from depression or anxiety. The main reason for following these statistics is the strict deadlines they have to meet and the long working hours they have to put in. The other factors contributing to depression include poor nutrition, lack of sleep, sedentary lifestyle, and drug abuse or addiction to alcohol. 

Chronic Backache

Lower back pain is one of the usual basic problems in working women. Long hours of sitting in a static posture without much support can lead to chronic back pain. Excessive weight gain produced by a sedentary lifestyle as well as anxiety tends to aggravate the condition. 


The rates of infertility in working women have been increasing due to their sedentary lifestyles. Obesity and stress caused by long working hours, bad eating habits, and lack of exercise are the main things that lead to infertility. They are advised to visit a urologist for women near to them without any delay and get their professional advice.

Diabetes and CVD (Cardiovascular Diseases)

3 out of every 5 working women are at risk for CVD (cardiovascular disease), even if they are as young as 35, because of their sedentary lifestyles. Lack of job control is another reason that is leading many working women towards the risk of diabetes. 

According to Gymnation UAE, unhealthy food habits, inappropriate body posture, disturbed biological clock, and physical inactivity should be avoided if working women want to stay away from the risk factors of lifestyle diseases. It is essential that women, especially working women, go for regular health checkups to address and diagnose their issues in the early stages. 

A healthy body is the beginning of a happy life. Hence it is always better to avoid all those risk factors that contribute to lifestyle diseases in women. You can research the net for more information on lifestyle diseases that working women face. Some sites give you all details you want to know about causes, symptoms, and various treatment options for these lifestyle diseases. You can get in touch with their experts, discuss your issues, and figure out the right ways to solve them at the earliest.

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