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5 HIIT Workouts To Burn Fat Fast

5 HIIT Workouts To Burn Fat Fast

HIIT Workouts To Burn Fat Fast

The ideal journey to the ‘dream body’ looks different for everyone. While some like to hop on the treadmill followed by an intense heavy weights session, others prefer shorter and more engaging workouts. If the latter sounds like you, HIIT is perfect for you! The acronym stands for High-Intensity Interval Training, a fat loss method that applies bursts of intense exercise alternating with rest periods. HIIT sessions can be as short as 15 minutes and still be incredibly effective in burning fat, increasing stamina, and building muscle, which is why they are ideal for those who can’t spare time for lengthy gym sessions.

How Does HIIT Build Muscle?

HIIT exercises range from calisthenics like jumping jacks to strength exercises like jump squats. The ideal workout will incorporate a perfect combination of both types of exercises, burn fat, and build muscles. Once you start working out, you will feel the strain on your muscles; that is when you know your workout is strengthening them! Your HIIT ratio will also define how much muscle you are building. Beginners can start with a 1:1 ratio, which can be 30 seconds of movement followed by 30 seconds of rest. As your stamina increases, build this up to a 3:1 ratio, which would be 45 seconds of exercise accompanied by a 15 second rest time. The key is to keep your rest period minimal so that your heart rate stays elevated and your muscles stay active. 

Here are some among the best HIIT workouts or exercises that will help burn fat and build muscle. Listen to your body’s stamina and build your own ratio as you go, although we recommend you keep the rest period to a maximum of 20-30 seconds.

1. Jump Squats

A perfect squat is not an easy feat. If you add a jump to it, you really push your body and your muscles to get the most out of your little workout.

● Start with your legs hip-width apart.

● Bend down into a squat till your thighs are parallel to the floor.

● Make sure your spine stays straight, and your knees stay in line with your toes.

● Jump as you come back up from your squat.

● Land on the area as softly as possible, back into a squat.

An alternative method is to squat and come back up, then bring your feet together and jump, put your feet back into hip-width, and squat again.

2. High Knees

This is another incredibly simple exercise to get your heart rate going while also training your leg muscles. Simply run in place, but bring your knees as high as possible. You can spruce this up by adding upper body movement. To do this, touch your right wrist to your left knee as it comes up, and then your left wrist to the right knee. 

3. Elbow to Knee Crunch

This HIIT exercise will work your legs, abs, and shoulders at the same time.

● Lie down flat on your back.

● Put both the hands behind your head and lift it.

● Bring one knee up towards your body.

● Bend forward to touch your right elbow to your left knee.

● Repeat with your left elbow touching the right knee.

● Repeat the process for at least 30 seconds, then follow with a quick rest period.

4. Plank Push-Ups

Push-ups and planks are both incredibly beneficial for losing an arm and upper body fat and also building the muscles in these areas. This workout incorporates both to provide optimal benefits.

● Start in a plank position. The thing is, you should be resting on your forearms and toes, with your back in a straight line.

● Then place your right-hand flat on the floor and lift your body up. Make sure you keep your core tight.

● Place the other hand on the floor and lift. You should now be in a push-up position.

● Bring your right arm back into the plank position, followed by your left arm.

● Repeat this process by alternating your arms and switching between the plank and the push-up postures.

5. Burpees

Burpees are deceptively difficult. As a beginner, you would be doing great if you can manage to do 5 burpees before you give yourself a short break. 

● Stand with your feet shoulder-width apart.

● Then squat down and put your hands flat on the floor.

● Jump-kick your legs back so that you land in a plank position.

● Jump your legs back forward to return to the squatting position.

● Return to the standing position.

● Raise your arms and jump.

● Repeat at least 5 times to complete one set.

Your HIIT workout can include any workouts that work for your body. You can begin with something as simple as jumping jacks and gradually incorporate weights into your workout when looking to build muscle. Find quality dumbbells at Nirvana Fitness to step up your HIIT sessions. The weight you use should be gradually built up depending on your stamina and muscle-building needs. We recommend the following high-intensity dumbbell workouts:

● Chest Press

● Chest Press with Crunches

● Squat Hold

● Dumbbell Lunge

● Knee Raise and Twist

High-Intensity Interval Training is not only beneficial for weight loss and strength training but is an excellent daily workout routine. It promotes overall health by keeping your metabolic rate high throughout the day. Studies have also shown it reduces blood sugar levels, reduces resting heart rate, and maintains healthy blood pressure. Once you make this part of your everyday routine, you will see that you burn calories and lose fat fast while also gaining stamina, strength, and an overall leaner body. A 25-minutes HIIT workout is ideal, but 15 minutes is highly beneficial as well. If you are low on time, you should try squeezing two ten-minute HIIT sessions into your day, and you will begin to see a difference in your body within a couple of weeks!

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