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Why Women Need To Start Using Safety Razors

Why Women Need To Start Using Safety Razors

Why Women Need To Start Using Safety Razors

Shaving is an essential part of any woman’s beauty routine, and many would even say that women have a greater requirement for shaving products than men, given that women tend to shave more frequently.

The current market offers every few shaving products to women, all of which tend to serve little to no good purpose. But amongst them all, women’s razors are perhaps the worst.

Why? Well, for starters, cartridge razors, in general, tend to be very inefficient and provide a below-average shave while increasing the chances of irritation and sensitivity. However, women’s razors tend to be even more ineffective, with fewer and thinner blades and rubber strips that stretch out the skin rather than provide relief.

The best solution to these problems and the most excellent way to ensure that you have a great shave every single time is to invest in a safety razor. Keep reading to know more about what is a safety razor, and why you should opt for it.

What’s A Safety Razor?

Safety razors are a simplistic, more traditionally designed type of razor. It contains a single, double-edged blade in the middle, surrounded by a protective casing that allows only the edges to peek out while keeping the sharp blade inside. 

These razors were developed a long time back, with the motive of allowing even those who don’t have skills or prior experience to deliver a good shave without risking injury. These gadgets remained the primary shaving instrument for a long time, till cartridge razors came along, which people began to deem more efficient, easy to use, and cheaper.

However, only in recent times have people realized that cartridge razors aren’t as good as we thought and instead cause more harm than good. Safety razors have come back into the market, as a far better alternative, for both men and women.

Why Opt For A Safety Razor?

Now, you might be thinking: “Why exactly should women opt for safety razors?” Well, here’s why:

#1. A Smoother Shave:

Since cartridge razors have multiple blades, we often consider them to be more efficient, but the truth is multiple blades aren’t as good as we think, especially if they are on cheap, disposable razors. These blades angled in a way that cuts the hair partially below the skin, which can be extremely irritating. Hair can also get stuck in-between the blades, which can be another significant inconvenience. Safety razors cut your hair cleanly, right the base, and the single blade delivers a soft, smooth shave.

#2. No Redness or Irritation:

One problem that millions of women suffer from when they shave is dealing with a bad razor burn after the shave. Women’s skin tends to more sensitive and softer, and using cartridge razors can irritate the skin a lot. This is because of multiple blades, which run over the same patch of skin multiple times. This constant grazing can lead to irritation and increase razor burn, bumps, pimples, ingrown hair, and more. Since safety razors have a single blade, they glide over the skin quickly and manage to shave hair off in one swipe.

#3. Easier To Use:

Contrary to popular belief, safety razors are actually easy to use. This is because you can angle the single blade in a way that works best for you and swipe it over your skin in numerous directions. This isn’t possible with cartridge razors which are flat and have blades placed at an awkward angle, which can be difficult to maneuver. Safety razors are also designed better in a way that makes them easier to grip and use. For instance, one of the best safety razor for women: Merkur 23C, offers a long handle, which allows you to angle and adjust it as you want.

#4. Saving In The Long-Run:

As we all know, cartridge razors are anything but durable. They’re made of flimsy plastic and need to be changed very frequently. This is even more so in the case of women, who shave more and use it more frequently. Safety razors, on the other hand, are meant to be durable. They created with materials like steel, which lasts you a long time. The only replaceable item is the steel blade that goes inside, which is very cheap and is available anywhere. Buying a safety razor can be a bit more expensive up-front compared to a cartridge razor, but when you consider the long-term savings, it becomes clear that it’s quite a bargain.

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