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Which Cleanser Suits Your Skin Type

Which Cleanser Suits Your Skin Type

Cleanser That Suits Your Skin Type

Everyone must have recorded that they do not wash their face with strong detergents that remove natural protective oils. Plus, everyone has trouble choosing the best foaming facial cleanser for their skin. It’s even more challenging for girls to make the most of it to remove excess oil and water-soluble residue. Let’s take a look at the purpose of our first step in skincare: cleaning your face.

With hundreds if not thousands of cleansers and skin care brands to choose from, how do you ensure that you are selecting something that works best for your skin? While the same is complicated and can get overwhelming, one easy way to proceed with your choice is to go for skin care products and cleaners that are created by dermatologists. This ensures that no matter what dermatological brand you are going for, the same has been tested extensively and backed by scientific research and credentials. This ultimately means that it is a far safer alternative to other brands that are coming out with untested and unproven products.

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Types Of Cleanser

Slightly Foaming Detergent

The best for you: if you prefer light and shiny products that cleanse your skin in depth. A light foaming cleanser will remove most types of makeup, thoroughly cleansing and softening the skin. Detergents don’t have to lather to work correctly, but many prefer foamy textures for cleaning.

Skin type: combination skin or oily skin that may be sensitive to acne.

Paula’s Choice Mild Foam Cleansers:

Balancing facial cleanser for skin

Resists foaming anti-ageing facial cleansers

SeSpring Gel Cleanser

Indicated for you: if you prefer light moisturizing products. A good cleansing gel easily removes light makeup, hydrates the skin and leaves it feeling fresh.

Skin type: usual, combination or oily skin and skin sensitive to redness and acne.

Paula’s Choice Cleansing Gel:

Clear Pore Normalizer Cleaner

Soothing Nourishing Gel Facial Cleanser

PC4Men facial cleanser

Earth Cleansing Facial Cleanser

Cream And Lotion Cleanser

Best for you: if you prefer cleansers that keep your skin hydrated. Cream and lotion cleaners have a silky texture and will remove most types of makeup. However, if you are using waterproof products, you may need a separate makeup remover.

Skin type: normal, dry and sensitive skin.

Paula’s Choice Cream and Lotion Cleanser:

Resist Anti-Aging Moisturizing Facial Cleanser

Facial cleanser to restore the skin.

Calm Nourishing Cream Facial Cleansers

Oil-based detergents

Best for you: If you prefer a complete cleanser to remove heavy makeup or want to clean your skin twice. For a double cleanse, cleanse the skin first with an oil-based cleanser, followed by a light cleansing foam, gel, cream, or lotion. An oil-based cleanser quickly eradicates makeup and leaves skin plump and smooth.


Perfect Cleaning Oil

Micellar water, water-based cleansers, and liquid makeup removers

Indicated for you: If you’d instead remove makeup with cotton. Micellar water and cleaning waters are different names for water-based and surfactant-based makeup removers. They don’t need to rinse off, but it’s best not to leave the detergent on your skin longer than necessary. There are also two-phase makeup removers available. You should shake them before use and remove the most stubborn makeup without leaving a greasy layer on your skin.

Skin type: all skin types. Then use a traditional face cleanser to make sure no makeup left on your skin.

Paula’s Choice Makeup Remover:

Cleaning Wipes

Suggested for you: if you prefer to cleanse your skin without washing your face quickly. They can be an excellent and effective cleaning method, especially if the wipes are soft and don’t consent a sticky film on the skin. Be careful not to pull on your skin as this can damage it.

Soft Cleanser Cloths

Cleansing balms, cold creams, and cleansing cleansing creams

Recommended for you: If you prefer deep nourishing cleansers that keep your skin hydrated. It is best to remove these cleaning agents carefully with a soft, damp cloth to avoid damage to the skin.

Skin type: normal skin, very dry and sensitive to eczema. These types of salves and creams are too heavy for oily or acne-prone skin.

Soap And Cleanser In One Piece

Suitable for: nobody! Soaps and cleaning stick undoubtedly cleanse the skin thoroughly, but they wash so much that they change the surface of the skin and make it dry and firm. Some cleansing bars are less desiccating, but the ingredients that give them their solid shape can clog pores and dull the skin.

Skin type: none

Paula’s Choice Option: None as we recommend this type of detergent. Be sure to choose an excellent water-soluble cleanser or makeup remover for beautiful, healthy skin!

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