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Keratin: Why It’s Popular In Hair Care Products

Keratin - Why It’s Popular In Hair Care Products


Choosing hair care products can be a headache, for you are being offered tons of various items made with different ingredients. But for those who often lurk in hair care stores and even salon shops, they know of this particular ingredient in many labels: keratin. Why is it a popular ingredient among hair products such as shampoo for hair growth? Let’s find out whether keratin is just another mainstream ingredient or if it does something beneficial to your hair.

Keratin: What is This Haircare Favorite?

To get you started with your investigation, you have to learn what keratin is. It is, in fact, the protein that composes and protects your nails and skin. But what’s even amazing is that keratin itself is the building block of your hair, comprising 90% of each hair strand. Hence, many people believe that having keratin in your hair products would also repair, strengthen and protect your hair against all sorts of damage.

What Can Keratin Do To Your Hair?

So, what exactly can keratin offer to your hair? Find out the benefits of having keratin as your hair care aide.

#1. It makes your hair shiny, smooth, and splendid

Keratin targets your hair cells by forming a protective layer on them to smooth the hair cuticles. This activity ends in smoothening your hair’s outer surface and prevent frizz from ruining your hair. And when your hair does become smoother, light can easily be reflected, which gives off a lustrous appearance.

#2. It strengthens your hair strands (for real)

Your hair is always exposed to unwanted factors, such as heat, pollution, abrasions, hard water, and many more, which can chip your hair strands. That’s why hair care experts have sought the naturally strengthening ability of keratin to rebuild and even fortify hair strands. Yes, keratin coats a barrier around the exterior of every hair strand, protecting them against damage.

#3. It gets rid of your split ends

Most women would opt to treat their hair with keratin when it is frizzy or damaged. The damage can manifest through split ends or when the end of your hair strands split into two (or even more). Collectively, your split ends may appear frizzy and dry. What’s even worse is the consequence split ends can lead if left untreated. They can thin your hair strands and make them even more fragile to breakage. Unfortunately, it’s hard to mend split ends, but with keratin, you can help repair the protein structure of your hair, stopping your hair strand from breaking upwards and causing hair thinning. It would also be best to chop off those split ends to prevent further damage in the future.

#4. It preserves your hydrated locks

Your hair wouldn’t be able to maintain its pliability and smoothness without having enough moisture on it, and you need a hair-friendly ingredient such as keratin. However, high humidity may cause your hair strands to swell, break the bonds and cause hair breakage. In this case, keratin works by ensuring that your hair is well-hydrated to avoid absorbing the moisture in the air during humid days.

#5. It will keep your hair healthy for a long time

Hair is made of keratin, making it even easier for your hair to absorb the keratin in hair care products. Not only that, but keratin also provides long-lasting effects on your hair, and you will absolutely have strong, long, soft, smooth, and shiny tresses for a long time.

Trust Keratin in Bringing Back Your Hair’s Best Condition

Now, you know why haircare brands keep on adorning the labels and ingredient lists of their products with the word “keratin.” This hair care wonder has benefits that will not only repair your damaged locks but will also keep your hair healthy for good.

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