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7 Effective Ways To Control High Blood Pressure Without Medication

Ways To Control High Blood Pressure Without Medication

High blood pressure or hypertension is one of the very common cardiovascular issues that affect a huge number of Americans. Quite a large number of the population is at an increased risk of developing high blood pressure sooner or later in life. Lifestyle is the major contributing factor that has great potential to increase the risk factor for hypertension.

Likewise, making some healthy lifestyle changes can bring countless health benefits, and it also plays a wonderful role in effectively keeping good control over high blood pressure. Sometimes these early adjustments in lifestyle are helpful in managing and controlling blood pressure that a person might not require to take medications in order to keep it under control.

Effective Routine Steps To Take

Deliberately look around for loopholes where there is a chance of improvement. It will definitely help to keep you active and healthy on the one hand, while on the other hand, it will help to better deal with health issues such as hypertension. Adopting healthy lifestyle adjustments will save you from getting into more severe conditions and even avoid other associated cardiovascular issues.

1. Be Watchful Of Your Waistline

Weight management is one of the most effective ways that help to keep high blood pressure in control. This idea is well supported by the fact that losing about one kilogram of weight helps to bring down blood pressure by the count of one mmHg.

Also, studies have found that increased waistline also an indicator of risk associated with high blood pressure. Thus it is very crucial to be watchful of your waistline if you are really aiming to control hypertension with the help of some healthy adjustments.

There are many strategies you can adopt in effectively managing a healthy weight. You may take it another way, but gaining extra pounds might indicate a need for healthy changes in your routine as it is unhealthy and may even cause major health problems.

2. Limit Alcohol Intake

Binge drinking is more likely to cause disruption in blood pressure, and it usually results in high blood pressure. If you are diagnosed with high blood pressure, then you have to limit your alcohol intake and avoid excessive consumption.

With excessive alcohol consumption, even the medication might fail to work and manage normal blood pressure. Alcohol and drug addiction are some of the biggest health challenges for the state in America.

In order to deal with it, the government has even established free rehab centers for those who do not have any means to support the cost of addiction recovery. If financial issues are what hold you back from getting sober, then certainly approaching such free rehab centers might really help you out.

3. Manage An Exercise Routine

Managing an exercise routine can do wonders in bringing the numbers down when you are looking to control high blood pressure. Your physician or health provider might help out in making an effective exercise plan for you.

You can look to add any type of exercise to your routine. Exercise is one of the most effective means to keep high blood pressure in control. If you are not actively involved in a regular exercise routine, then giving yourself a gentle start can help to manage it with consistency.

Aim to exercise for at least five days a week. Starting off with low-impact exercises is another good strategy. You can gradually aim to add high-intensity exercises and strength-building exercises to your routine.

4. Eat A Healthy Diet

Healthy eating is an essential way to keep in control of high blood pressure. Research suggests that highly restrictive diet plans such as the ABC diet will not generate long-lasting results. Instead, such restrictive diet plans increase the risk of fat accumulation around the belly and even high blood pressure.

A well-balanced diet rich in fruits, vegetables, and whole grains not only provides healthy nourishment to the body but also helps to keep away major health issues such as high blood pressure. Be a smart grocer and know what you really need to buy and what to avoid. Aim to limit salt intake and look to add more potassium.

5. Quit Smoking

The blood pressure is increased for quite some time right after smoking a cigarette. Thus if you are diagnosed with high blood pressure quitting unhealthy habits such as drinking and smoking might benefit more than just using medications. Quitting smoking will not only ensure better and improved cardiovascular health, but it will eventually help to improve overall health.

6. Reduce Your Stress

Research supports a good connection between stress and high blood pressure. Even sudden stress can tremendously increase blood pressure and may even increase the risk of cardiac arrest or a heart stroke. Thus, it is essential to manage routine stressors if you are looking to control high blood pressure.

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Know your stressors and look for better coping strategies to avoid their harmful impacts on your health. One effective way to deal with such stressors is managing a meditation and relaxing routine. You can also look to keep yourself busy in activities you like and enjoy for a more relaxed and better mood.

7. Get Support

Support from loved ones can really do wonders. Generally, such support from family and friends cannot be measured, but it does benefit people. Your family and friends can certainly help you in managing a healthy lifestyle and keeping away from bad habits. They may also play a supportive role by reminding you of your overall health goals.

Take Away

Medication is not the only way to deal with health issues such as high blood pressure. Adopting healthy habits while giving up on bad habits can also help in managing a healthy lifestyle which eventually supports accomplishing overall health goals. There are many effective ways that one can adopt a routine which is also helpful in dealing with high blood pressure.

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