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Everything You Need To Know About Hair Porosity

Hair Porosity

Too many people, your hair is one of the most important parts of their body. It characterizes you and, in many cases, a good head of hair gives you confidence. What you may not recognize is that good hair is also very important to your overall health.

That’s why the haircare industry is worth so much. People appreciate the importance of having healthy hair, which means they want high-quality products, such as those offered within the Kevin Murphy range.

But, to select the right product for your hair you need to understand hair porosity.

What Is Porosity

The more porous any surface is the easier it is for it to absorb moisture. Equally, a surface that has little or no porosity will be unable to absorb moisture.

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Hair can be separated into three types of porosity:

  • Low

Low porous hair has tightly packed cuticles that prevent moisture from entering. The nature of these cells makes it hard for the hair to have enough moisture, especially as it struggles to retain the moisture it has. 

The result is dry hair that is brittle and likely to suffer from split ends 

To help with this you can deep condition at least once a week and use water-based conditioners rich in coconut and olive oils.

  • Medium

Medium porosity hair is the most desirable as it has great balance and tends to look great all the time. You’ll find medium porosity hair tends to be bouncy, have a natural shine, and is very resilient. 

You’ll still need to moisturize it regularly, coconut and olive oil in products are still beneficial.

  • High

High porosity hair is very good at absorbing water. Unfortunately, it is also very good at releasing moisture, making it dry and brittle. This can be the hardest to look after as it struggles to retain any moisture and, therefore, you will struggle to get that salon shine which everyone wants. 

The best approach with this type of hair is to deep condition twice a week and use a protein-based conditioner as well as hydrating shampoo.

Why Porosity Matters

The human body is 60% water, every hair strand is predominantly water and protein. The lower the water content, the more brittle and easily damaged your hair. That’s why you need to know the porosity of your hair.

It’s only by understanding how your hair behaves and why it does this that you can choose the best products for your hair. Of course, in all cases, natural hair products are significantly better than those filled with chemicals. 

If you aren’t sure about the porosity of your hair then take a couple of strands and set them in a glass of water. Watch the hairs, if they sink to the bottom within a few minutes then you have high porosity. Equally, if they float you have low porosity. Medium porosity is the most desirable and is when your hair floats in the middle of the glass.

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