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7 Best And Stylish Winter Coats To Keep You Warm

7 Best And Stylish Winter Coats To Keep You Warm

Stylish Winter Coats To Keep You Warm

We are rapidly approaching winter and its time to stock up on new coats that will keep us warm in the cold season. But they should not only be a boon in terms of functionality, optically we want to bring pleasant hours into the dreary months with the right parts.

When shopping for this fall and winter, fashion enthusiasts stick to the following trends, which are as diverse as the bright colors of autumn leaves.

1. Teddy Coats or Fake Fur Coats In Winter

This trending of coats are getting wild: while real fur is an absolute fashion no-go, artificial fur is a joy. Cozy teddy fur coats in different tones, subtle and bright colors are popular and have been a real must for a long time. Sure – they keep you nice and warm, are incredibly fluffy and real eye-catchers.

Coats with shaggy shearling on the collar and arms are also trendy. If you want to feel like Kate Hudson in the film “Almost Famous” (2000), you can rely on a model like this with a body-hugging silhouette. Initially, this type of coat comes from Afghanistan – why it is also called Afghan Coat. There it is traditionally worn by the Pashtuns. The model already met with enthusiasm in the hippie era.

2. Quilted Winter Coats

Quilted coats are doing everything right this season. The soft quilt is reminiscent of grandma’s bedspread, which we loved to wrap ourselves in even as little girls. You can get a little nostalgic these days because we look incredibly chic in the quilted winter jackets.

3. XXL Down Coats In Winter

We keep warm in XXL down coats. Like the Michelin Man, we walk comfortably wrapped up through the snow this winter. There are no limits to the colors – everything is allowed, from subtle tones to bright colors and bright patterns. Gfrörli is happy because they are not only trendy but also wrapped up warm.

4. Leather Trench Coat

It seems to have come from another time – and it is: the leather coat was often worn in the 1970s and 1980s. Anyone who goes for the famous leather trench coat, regardless of the color, will cause flashbacks in previous generations and hit the bull’s eye in terms of fashion.

5. Trench Coat 2.0

It is a true classic: the trench coat always works – in all variants. It never goes out of style and goes with all looks. But this year we want more creativity! Models with checked inserts, knitted sleeves or leather details attract everyone’s attention. Trench coats 2.0 are now in demand.

6. Very Very Long Coats

Classic coats, but very, very, very long and oversized should now be found in every wardrobe. The XXL models’ best thing: With the complete cover, every part of the body is warmed.

7. Checked Pattern Coats In Autumn

Checked patterns are prevalent in autumn. That shows up every year. But this season there is a real hype about the well-known print. From elegant checked coats to oversized shackets, everything is currently on the in-list.

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