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Hostess/Host Gifts For Your 2021 Holiday Season

Hostess-Host Gifts For Your 2021 Holiday Season

Hostess/Host Gifts For Your Holiday Season

Being invited to a party or other social gathering is a privilege and an honor. It’s a statement made by the host or hostess that your company is desired, special, and important to them. Now that we are moving closer to the holiday season, it’s to be expected that more invitations will come, but that also begs the question – what do you bring as a gift to the host or hostess? It’s good manners to offer them something to show your gratitude and appreciation. Below are ideas that will do just that!

  • Cheese Knives Set. What better way to encourage the hostess to hold more parties than to offer a gift she can use during future gatherings? An elegant cheese knife set will create instant gentility and charm, and will be well-received
  • Cloth Dinner Napkins. A gift that will always be put to good use, a set of 4, 8 or 12 linen dinner napkins (and if you’re feeling abundantly generous, include napkin rings) is likely to grace the table at the next dinner party.
  • Serving Tray. Choose one made of sturdy yet classic material like wicker, bamboo, wood or metal. Some are very decorative and others are monochromatic. Opt for one that best reflects the host’s personality, such as a soft gleaming wood or decoupage.
  • Cozy Throw. Absolutely any host will love receiving a cozy throw to toss on the edge of their sofa or chair during moments of solitude. Choose one that is super soft – like the Chanasya fuzzy faux fur throw – with or without fringe, and you can bet you’ll be invited to gatherings for many years to come.
  • Visa Gift Card. For a truly personalized offering, a Visa Gift card will score high on any hostess’s list! You can opt to have a favorite photo printed on it and even offer words of thanks and well wishes directly on the card. Give them the gift to choose whatever it is they personally crave.
  • Designer Playing Cards. If you’ve been invited over for a night of good fun and spirited competition, showing up with an arty pack of designer playing cards will definitely up your game.
  • Minute Cocktail Sugar Cube Trio. Mixed drinks can’t get any easier. Simply drop a cocktail cube into a shot of liquor and you’ve got yourself and Old-Fashioned, Moscow Mule or Manhattan. The hostess will appreciate you making her life easier.
  • A Jar of Raw Wildflower Honey. With so many health benefits of raw honey, this gift will be graciously received. Most high end supermarkets, as well as boutiques, sell quality raw honey in exquisitely decorated jars, perfect for a hostess gift.
  • Trivet. Warm serving dishes must be placed somewhere, and rather than place them directly on a table or counter (where they can do damage) they should be placed on a trivet. Choose a cast iron, decorative trivet that can handle the bulk and heat of a hot Dutch oven.
  • Assorted Bud Vases. Choose 3-5 dark glass, complimentary vases that vary in height and width for a refined look. You can populate them with flowers or leave that for the host.
  • Flower Bouquet Soap Petals. This is really two gifts in one, as you’re giving the gift of soap that highly resembles flowers. Likely to be used for decorative purposes in the guest bathroom, they are both beautiful and fragrant.
  • A Box of Candies. Who doesn’t have a sweet tooth? A box of handmade sea salt caramels or truffles will probably get stuffed away into a drawer for the hostess to enjoy after the party.
  • Basics Spice Gift Set. If they are like most people, the host might have spices in the pantry that pre-date the 90’s, so a spice gift set is always welcome to replenish the basics such as cinnamon, ground cumin, oregano, and paprika.
  • Succulent. You don’t need a green thumb for succulents to thrive. Found naturally in arid climates, succulents have fleshy petals that only need sun and a bit of water when their soil goes dry.
  • Mexican Hot Chocolate Gift Set. Known for its complexity of flavor and rich texture, to make Mexican Hot Chocolate, one needs a hand-carved molinillo, an artisanal Mexican clay jug and traditionally made chocolate. Find all of these in a gift set and be the star of the party! (At least in the hostess’s eyes).
  • Dipping Set. Appetizers are the name of the game at parties, and a unique, decorative dipping set will be all your host needs to set out crackers, chips, queso, sour cream, salsa, chip dip, cheeses, nachos, and just about anything under the sun.

If you’re planning on attending parties this holiday season, be armed with the best and most thoughtful host/hostess gifts available. Items like a Visa Gift Card and products that make their job in the kitchen easier will go a long way toward building a cherished friendship.

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