4 Trendy Eyeglasses To Add Into Your Wardrobe

Trendy Eyeglasses To Add Into Your Wardrobe

Eyewear is quickly becoming one of the hottest fashion accessories of the season. Polarized sunglasses remain popular, but a variety of single-vision and multifocal styles are also on-trend. Let this list inspire you as you look for the perfect lenses and frames for your needs. A combination of quality and style is sure to have you feeling lighthearted and confident.

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1. Stylish Blue Light Glasses

Digital devices and a rise in remote work make blue light glasses more popular than ever. A demand for trendsetting and versatile blue light blocking eyewear means designers are making plenty of high-quality, attractive blue light reading glasses and no correction styles. Whether you’re looking for blue light blocking specs for women or men, there is a frame shape and color for everyone.

If you’re shopping for stylish reading glasses for women, you’ll discover plenty of pairs with innovative blue light blocking technology and a wear-everyday feel perfect for the work week or the weekend. Chunky, rectangular-shaped frames are the perfect women’s readers for work or leisure, especially when they come in timeless patterns like tortoise and black marble.

For those women who like round-shaped frames, a pair of mid-sized women’s glasses with luxe accents in a dynamic shade like gray tortoise or colorful multi-horn will make your blue light blocking specs into a fashion statement. Some of the most trendsetting men’s blue light glasses include dynamic round tortoise frames and contemporary square frames in multicolored hues. Design details like a keyhole nose bridge and molded temple arms help to add style and comfort.

To keep your blue light blocking eyeglasses trendy, look for lightweight frames in colors and prints that will look attractive through each season. The highest quality specs will also include an anti-scratch lens coating and an anti-reflective coating. These features help to enhance the lifespan of your glasses and the comfort you enjoy while wearing them.

2. Bold Oversized Frames

Along with smartphone-friendly blue light blocking specs, the most trendsetting and stylish reading glasses and progressive glasses on the catwalk include bold-colored, oversized frames. The retro and 1970s-inspired looks are all the rage, which means round shapes and square shapes are becoming the most sought-after styles in eyewear. Square glasses with a top-line, single brow bar will give you the vintage look you’re searching for, especially when they’re in a color like honey or ginger.

Inspire a nostalgic feel with a square shape and a keyhole nose bridge in a classic men’s and women’s shade like tortoise or an evocative, earthy green tone. Other on-trend and retro-inspired looks include speckled square glasses and a woodgrain look with a matte finish and stylish hues from yesterday and today, such as blush or mint.

Get the right texture and finish for your style preferences while still enjoying a retro look. For those wearers who prefer thin, round frames, the best way to achieve an old-fashioned feel is with lightweight and eco-friendly glasses. Choose from standout colors like gray and amber that will go perfectly with the hippie-inspired fashions on the runway.

Ultra-thick, chunky glasses paired with animal print tops and plaid blouses are sure to make you feel like you’re back in time. Look for the boldest frames you can find and then buy them in a classic shade like tortoise or navy tortoise to help match them with everything you wear. Gold detailing will add to the chic yet playful feel of your specs. Add anti-glare and blue light coatings for your ideal visual experience.

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3. Crystal and See-Through Frames

Translucent frames are another trendsetting style, especially because the see-through look matches any shape of glasses. One of the hottest frame shapes right now is petite oval specs with a crystal finish. If you’re more into round glasses with an uplifting, iridescent shade, there are plenty of affordable and on-trend fashions available for both men and women.

Clear crystal frames are a popular unisex style. While they look ultra-lightweight, they’re also sure to match with all the outfits in your closet. You’ll always stand out with a clear-colored pair of specs, but you can also choose an alternative neutral such as gray or smoke. Translucent frames in light tan or beige are also versatile enough to wear everywhere.

When it comes to women’s glasses, see-through frames with a subtle ombre design are inspiring and ultra-feminine. Colors like teal and rust pink are modern and playful, while wearing crystal-dipped eyewear is totally on-trend. Try something new like cat eye glasses in a beautiful translucent jewel tone color such as emerald or ruby. When mixed with patterned designs or contrasting colors on the temple arms, see-through glasses appear just as unique as you are.

Some of the best men’s translucent frame styles include lightweight, round-shaped glasses in uncommon patterns and colors. Gradient looks and eco-friendly designs in versatile neutral shades are modern but still give you a classic feel that you can wear for any occasion. Many clear frames for men come in the same frame shape but a variety of crystal colors. This shade variation makes it easy for guys to find the perfect look for their facial features and skin tone.

4. Bright Frame Colors

Along with pastels and retro-inspired shades, everyone is wearing bright-colored eyewear this season. Whether you’re looking for glasses for women or men, you’ll find on-trend hues like cobalt blue and red-orange. Match the hottest colors for clothing to your blue light glasses. If you are someone who wears a classic look like neutral shirts and denim jeans, you’ll love how bright frame colors give your outfits a subtle pop of color.

Lighten the mood and turn heads with aqua green glasses for women. This serene and relaxed feel can also be found in a pair of reading glasses in true violet or electric purple. Other bright and positive colors for women include magenta and hot pink. Infuse rich color into ombre and crystal-dipped glasses, such as sunny yellow and seafoam.

Men’s reading glasses in rich orange or dark green are a handsome enhancement for everything from button-down shirts to hoodies. You can make meetings and your computer work more fun with blue light blocking glasses in sky blue and true red. Yellow and navy are straight from the runway to your desk, while progressives and single-vision lenses in vivid shades like lime green and sea green will make every outfit and occasion more memorable.

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Staying On-Trend with Your Eyewear

Affordable, quality eyeglasses make it easy to switch up your look. Try one of the latest trends in color or design to find the versatile frames that work for you. Change your accessories each season or find durable specs that let you create unique outfits. With lightweight frames and anti-scratch lenses, you can feel confident about wearing your favorite glasses anywhere.

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