Can Teens And Moms Share Beauty Care Products?

Beauty Care Products

In a lot of homes, the young girls grow up watching their mother use her favorite skin care products, and when the girls get old enough to start using some of the products, they use the same ones their mother uses. Often, they share the same bottles of lotion, moisturizer, make-up remover, sunblock, and more.

Unfortunately, the skin problems that a teenager has to address and the skin problems that their mother has to address are not the same. As you age your skin goes through changes. It may be oily when you’re a teen, and then dry when you are a mature adult. Each age group and each person has specific needs that their skincare products must address.

Beauty Products to use According to your Age

Each age group has specific skincare problems they have to address. These are some products that every age group needs to be using.

Beauty Products to Use at Every Age

  • Sunscreen

No matter what age you are the sun can damage your skin. If you begin to use sunscreen to minimize the damage when you are in your teens you will find that in your golden years you have fewer wrinkles, fewer age spots, and your skin may not be as dry or itchy. It is recommended that you use sunscreen with an SPF of at least 45.

You can use foundation make-up that has sunscreen in it. You can also use a moisturizing lotion that has sunscreen in it.

  • Moisturizing Lotions

When you are young moisturizing lotion does not really cross your mind. Your skin is still supple and it is not dry or flaky. Most teens do not realize that if they apply moisturizing beauty products they can prevent some of the signs of aging, or at the very least they can delay the aging skin problems.

If you often wear sandals or skip wearing shoes make certain that you moisturize your feet, especially your heels to stop the skin from hardening and looking damaged.

  • Lip Balm

Lip balm moisturizes your lips. It keeps the wind, sun, cold air, and heat of summer from making your lips crack, peel, or even fade.

Start using a lip balm when you are about 12 years of age. Make sure that you choose a balm that has sunscreen properties.

As you age you will find that your lips remain softer, and plumper and they do not get the fine lines that often reveal the true age of a woman.

What to Use in Your Teen Years

When you are a teenager there is a good chance that you will have oily skin, at least around your nose, on your forehead, and on your chin.

These areas are the prime locations for pimples, blackheads, and acne breakouts to emerge. Using the right beauty products may not stop these things from emerging but it will reduce the number of outbreaks. Taking care of your skin may also reduce the severity of skin outbreaks.

When selecting skincare and cosmetics a teen needs to find products that contain vitamins A, D, zinc, and E. These vitamins are excellent at reducing the possibility of outbreaks. They are natural and they are not going to do any damage to your skin.

Skincare needs in Your Early Twenties to about 40

Hydration requirements for skin of this age are higher than when you were younger. The sun, wind, and your routines have started to take their toll and dry your skin out.

The leading cause of fine lines and wrinkles is a lack of hydration that allows the plumpness of the skin to be less.

By the time you reach your 30s and start to enter your 40s, you are going to start seeing mild age spots, a few wrinkles, and possibly crow’s feet. If you moisturize daily, use gentle cleansers, and plenty of sun protection you can put off the appearance of those spots, wrinkles and lines.

You need to apply moisturizers to your face each night after you cleanse your skin.

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Make sure that you apply moisturizer in the morning or you use foundation makeup that is moisturizing.

Always wear sunscreen. Vitamins A and E are really great for your skin too. Look for products that have these vitamins. Vitamin A may be in the form of retinol a derivative of vitamin A.

Skincare for 40+

When you start to deal with mature skin moisturizing and sunscreen become even more important. You have to plump your skin back up and that is done by keeping it moist and supple.

Products that contain hyaluronic acid will help to bring a youthful appearance and texture to your skin.

You want products that include Vitamins C and E. They help to reduce the age spots or dark spots you are starting to notice. Vitamin C also helps to brighten the skin and give you a more youthful appearance.

If you want to learn more about the proper skincare products, and the brands of cosmetics that will benefit you the most, go to There you will find a lot of useful information and tips on looking and feeling your very best at every age.

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